Work Time Calendar

Keep track of your time in Jira with calendar and timesheet generation.

Work Time Calendar introduces a convenient calendar-style reporting. Managers can review reported time and generate the timesheets based on configured fields. Generated records can be exported to Excel format. Once Google Calendars are integrated with the Work Time Calendar, worklogs can be created based on Google Events. Please refer to the Atlassian Marketplace to see more app features.

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Company Calendar for Jira

Organize and manage Jira, company and private events in custom calendars.

Company Calendar allows planning and managing of any events that are essential for your business. You can consolidate different event sources in customizable calendars and share them with your team members. Each calendar can consist from multiple event sources. Sources can provide events based on date/time fields from Jira issues, iCal files, iCal URLs or from own storage.

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Gantt Suite for Jira

Project visualization via Gantt chart. Tasks and resources planning.

This app brings power of Gantt charts to Jira. We made it as intuitive and simple as possible, assuming its quite sophisticated subject. Gantt suite has all essential features:

  • project view in various time scales
  • critical path and task progress
  • task grouping
  • multiple baselines and delay tracking
  • resource workloads review

In addition, Gantt chart can be exported to Excel, CSV, MS Project or shared with the public.

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Gantt Suite for Jira
Universal Gadget for Jira

Universal Gadget for Jira

Easy way to create Jira gadgets.

There is no need to learn how to code Jira dashboard plugins and create a new gadget whenever you want to show a table or a chart based on data retrieved from Jira REST API or any external web service. The Universal gadget provides a framework that allows you to inject custom JavaScrtipt/HTML/CSS code and build new gadgets quickly and easily. Follow tutorials from the docs to create your custom gadget within 10 minutes.

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Copy Pages for Confluence

Copy Confluence page tree / hierarchy, including attachments, labels, permissions and properties.

In cloud version of Confluence, there is no convenient way to copy pages tree hierarchy so we’ve developed this app. Copy Pages for Confluence provides the following features:

  • copy page hierarchy to the same space
  • copy page hierarchy to a different space
  • page title modification for pages that are being copied
  • page assets copy for pages that are being copied: attachments, permissions, labels, and properties
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Universal Gadget for Jira

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